Photography Studio Equipment

Photography Studio Equipment

Home photography studio

The right equipment is important for any home photography studio.

Your home photography studio is the perfect destination to explore the finer points of lighting techniques. If you are lucky enough to possess a spare bedroom, an unused garage or a converted attic, then you’re well on the way. Even if

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Photography Lighting Tips for Outdoors

Outdoor photography lighting tips

Outdoor photography lighting tips

The transition from evening to night time has some of the best outdoor photography lighting.

Here are some photography lighting tips for the outdoors. Some of the best photographs are frequently taken at the least social times with the day – first thing in the morning, towards sunset, as well

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Flash Photography Tutorial

Flash photography tutorial

A beginner’s flash photography tutorial

Learning to diffuse lighting is an important part of this flash photography tutorial.

This flash photography tutorial will cover the basics of the two unique types of camera flash: built-in units which are an integral portion of the camera (found on nearly all compacts, and on most SLRs); and

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Digital Black and White Photography

Digital black and white photography

Black and white photography on a digital camera

An example of digital black and white photography using the same RAW format image.

Digital black and white photography is popular among beginners and experts alike. Though it started out as simply a limitation of older camera equipment, it is still used today for its high

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Black and White Film

Black and white film

Beginner photographer’s guide to black and white film

Black and white film negatives.

At this time, black and white film is categorized largely as an ‘art medium’, despite the fact that for extra than a century nearly all images were shot in monochrome. The simplicity and power that result, while still keeping a huge

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