Camera Bags and Cases

Digital Camera Bags and Cases

Camera Bags and Cases

Camera bags and cases should fit your photography equipment snugly.

It is best to have the choice of two different-sized camera bags and cases. The smaller of the pair must be just right to get a single camera, perhaps two lenses plus a number of small accessories. The other, larger, case is saved for trips and large projects. As a mini photography studio, it should be able to accommodate two camera bodies, three or higher lenses and the required accessories.

Camera gear

If you are heading out to take shots of athletes in a cross-country race, for example, you could possibly include a flash for fill-in. For macro close-ups of a rare orchid, you would want to bring a pair of extension bellows, or close-up filters, a tripod and maybe a fold-up umbrella.

Camera Case A camera case must be just big enough to adopt your specific collection of equipment: too big and things will rattle around; not big enough so you wi be cramming things in.

Professional camera cases

The primary function for your larger professional camera cases is to protect your equipment from dust, rain and physical damage. To do this, it needs to be robustly built and have a rigid frame.

Professionals will have cases sufficiently strong enough to stand on. It will be a bit heavier to hold, but that extra bit of weight can save your photography equipment. If you are walking long distances, it could be helpful to use a rucksack which can be specially designed to be used by photographers.

Soft camera cases

To prevent the cameras, lenses, filters, as well as other accessories from rattling around, and hitting each other inside case, it must have many compartments and retaining straps. Many suitcase style digital camera cases come with a solid foam interior, from which you cut shapes that fit your equipment exactly. These camera bags and cases offer maximum protection.

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  • Having a sizable collection of camera bags ranging from super small to large enough to carry photo equipment plus a 17″ notebook PC, I think I have finally found my camera bag of choice for everyday use.

    The Lowepro SlingShot 202 AW proved to be large enough to carry my Canon 40D with 17-55mm lens attached, the 70-200mm alongside, a 50mm 1.8 lens plus more room in the main compartment for a lens brush, camera rain cover and several other small items. The upper compartment seems somewhat larger than the previous 200 model and this proved to be an added benefit. The upper compartment housed several filters, an eyeglass case, a small flashlight, a slew of CF cards – and still had plenty of available room. Since we were in tropical weather, it also easily held the rolled up leg portions of convertible pants, making life a lot simpler.

    The bag went on easily and seemed well balanced while we were walking around. Accessing the camera was smooth, quick and without incident. The design allows one to slide the bag to the front and open it while still suspended from the shoulder. This made switching lenses a breeze and there were no worries about smaller items – or expensive lenses possibly falling out. The built in rain cover proved to be very helpful when a sudden storm arose. Everything stayed dry. The side tripod carrying facility was perfect for attaching a small collapsible umbrella.

    I recommend the Lowepro SlingShot 202 AW as the “go-to” camera bag for photographers who want to have a good selection of equipment at hand without adding too much extra weight. It has become my new standard.

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