Photoshop Techniques

Photoshop Techniques

Repair images with these photoshop techniques

The Clone Stamp Tool is one of the most popular Photoshop techniques.

These Photoshop techniques go beyond simply enhancing existing details, and so are usually considered editing techniques.

Dust and scratches

No matter how careful you are, your images always seem to end up with a few dust

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How to Learn Photoshop Fast

How to Learn Photoshop

Wondering how to learn Photoshop?

Beginners are always asking how to learn photoshop.

How to learn Photoshop is important to most beginner photographers. This lesson will go over the basic steps that you are likely to go through after each photo shoot.

Transferring your pictures from your digital camera Viewing the raw images Rotating

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Photography Lighting Conditions

Photography Lighting

Understanding Photography lighting conditions

Photography lighting is often more important then the actual subject.

Photography lighting conditions can make or break photography. Most photographs, especially for beginners, are taken under existing natural lighting conditions. This term means natural or artificial lighting as it exists around your subject at the time, rather than flash, lamps,

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Digitize Photos for Storage and Editing

Digitize Photos

How to Digitize Photos

Scanners like this one offer an easy way to quickly digitize photos.

Once you digitize photos, you are able to manipulate images to an extent which was once unimaginable. Whatever type of camera you have, your images may be placed into this digital form and then edited. The main advantage

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Photography Lighting Tips for Outdoors

Outdoor photography lighting tips

Outdoor photography lighting tips

The transition from evening to night time has some of the best outdoor photography lighting.

Here are some photography lighting tips for the outdoors. Some of the best photographs are frequently taken at the least social times with the day – first thing in the morning, towards sunset, as well

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