Flash Photography Tutorial

Flash photography tutorial

A beginner’s flash photography tutorial

Learning to diffuse lighting is an important part of this flash photography tutorial.

This flash photography tutorial will cover the basics of the two unique types of camera flash: built-in units which are an integral portion of the camera (found on nearly all compacts, and on most SLRs); and

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Black and White Film

Black and white film

Beginner photographer’s guide to black and white film

Black and white film negatives.

At this time, black and white film is categorized largely as an ‘art medium’, despite the fact that for extra than a century nearly all images were shot in monochrome. The simplicity and power that result, while still keeping a huge

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Color Photography Basics

Color Photography

Basic techniques for color photography

Color photography basics are the most important lesson for beginners.

Color photography basics are some of the first things most photographers learn. For the film photographer, color is one of the most popular mediums. As a result of the popularity of the 35mm camera, there is a huge range

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Camera Shutter Speed

Camera Shutter Speed

Choosing the right camera shutter speed

Camera shutter speed is very important for moving subjects.

Camera shutter speed, usually measured in fractions of a second, combined using the size of the aperture opening, determines just how much light reaches the film or sensor. More importantly, the shutter speed setting also affects the way moving

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Camera Aperture

Camera Aperture

Picking out the camera aperture

Close up of a camera aperture

Camera aperture refers to the part of the lens that limits the amount of light collected. The aperture size is measured in f numbers (also called f stops). The camera aperture not just affects exposure but also controls depth of field. Whenever a

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