Photography Lessons

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Photography Lessons don’t have to be expensive or exclusive! offers free online photography courses for those just starting out on their journey into photography or looking to learn more photography tricks. These courses equally suit shooters with entry and mid-level film cameras or digital cameras, students at school or college using photography as part of an art course, as well as amateur photographers who are just beginners.

The skills and knowledge presented at teach you how to take great photographs using the right lighting and equipment. Visual and step-by-step courses guide new photographers from the basic photography lessons up to a level where they can confidently capture their own great pictures.

The photography lessons and examples taught throughout this site are designed to encourage and challenge the student with both black and white as well as color photography. They are all within the technical capabilities of beginners with modest gear, such as compact cameras or single lens reflex cameras (SLR cameras) with manual controls.

Taking photographs is enjoyable and challenging in many ways. Hopefully, these photography lessons will help to guide you on your way!